"What Time Technology does is increase productivity through giving the entire workforce, in the case of Community Business, a process to plan, prioritize and manage work through the effective use of desktop technology. All of us are TimeSmart trained and as a direct result, our efficiency has increased - I would say 30%. With workforce productivity being a business imperative and employees wanting better work-life balance, this course helps both business and individuals regain control of their lives. I would highly recommend Time Technology to any business focused on performance."
Shalini Mahtani, MBE
Founder & Advisor
Community Business

"TimeSmart has empowered both myself and my team to manage our time and workload more effectively. The positive impact on greater sales and efficiency was immediate."
Patrick O Donnell
Links Relocations

"We are in the very demanding field of global newspaper and magazine publishing with non-flexible deadlines. We are constantly inundated with electronic data. The Time Technology program has helped us better utilize the tools we already had and streamline them into our work practices. All employees have benefited tremendously. We use less paper (our eco-friendly goal) and are even more efficient and productive. It's a thrill to leave the office relaxed at 6.00pm!"
Kim Kenchington
Managing Partner, MediaWorks Asia Limited

"At Microsoft Hong Kong, we have all been trained in Time Technology and we endorse it. It creates the opportunity to explore and maximize Outlook to greatly enhance your and your team's productivity. The methodology applied through Outlook is invaluable."
Robbie Ray Wright
WW Sales Director, Datacenter to Cloud

"Time Technology is incredibly beneficial. The planning method has helped me manage my work better. My working life is much more pleasant and comfortable. As a result, I have had the rest of my team trained. Time Technology has helped us become more productive and increased the output of a very busy office It has enhanced the quality of life for all of us."
Christopher Hammerbeck
Executive Director
British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

"Time management is critical in a policing environment, Police Unions deal with critical issues daily and sometimes hourly basis. With the TimeSmart process, we have found at least an extra hour every day, some of the staff's inboxes have gone from thousands of emails to four or five. I highly recommend TimeSmart in regards to work performance improvement, better time management and increased morale."
President of Police Association of NSW

"This program does not approach time management from a technology perspective. It approaches it from a personal perspective providing valuable suggestions of how to use the power of technology to improve the way we work. Assuming an annual cost of HK$600K per employee and an ability to improve efficiency by 30 minutes per day, our payback period came to roughly 6 weeks. A no brainer!"
Kiron Chatterjee
BPI Asia Ltd

"We weren't using our systems as well as we could. Time Technology has helped us increase the efficiency of managing our tasks. Taking the day to attend the workshop was time well spent."
Howard Clark-Burton
Managing Director
Financial Partners International Ltd

"I have recommended Time Technology on a number of occasions and have invited Christine to speak at the HK Knowledge Management Society. The program was very effective in helping me manage my time effectively through technology; this is about management development, not IT training. I am more efficient and I have been pretty disciplined in sticking to what I was taught."
Alan Dalgleish
Executive Director
CBRE Consulting Asia

"The workshop totally revolutionized the way in which I work. I feel more organized and I have more time to complete tasks rather than fight fires. I would recommend Time Technology to the entire Foreign & Commonwealth Office in order to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the electronic era."
Philip Tissot
Trade Commissioner
British Consulate-General, Hong Kong

"Time Technology is an automatic time saver. It has allowed me to maximize the software effectiveness and energized both myself and the team."
Deborah Biber
Chief Executive
Pacific Basin Economic Council

"I used to use a paper based diary which worked well for scheduling, but as more of my activities (business as well as the kids school activities etc.) were organized using e-mail, my system began to break down. My inbox overflowed and I spent far too much time searching for e-mails I needed to respond to or do something with. After taking the course, I was able to integrate my e-mails and my paper based diary into one system, Outlook. My e-mails and my time are organized and I can retrieve the information I need easily. I strongly recommend Time Technology to anybody who uses e-mail, and needs to get their life organized. It really enhanced my productivity."
Laurie Lemmlie-Leung
Sapphire International

"The program showed us how to embrace the effectiveness of technology available to us and has helped both me and my team become more productive."
Angie Bucu
Wellness Researcher/Writer

"I used to live in my Inbox and had poor time management. Time Technology has helped me be more strategic in my business and helped me work smarter as opposed to being reactive. I am now able to distribute and manage work more effectively and feel in control."
Daniel Szuc
Principal Usability Consultant
Apogee Usability Asia Ltd

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